• Barrio Team

    El Noroeste Caliente

    He is one of the creative minds behind the drinking menu of Barrio Cerveceria. Ernesto grew up in Monterrey, surrounded by the mountains, the second largest city of Mexico and the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, known for its traditional Carne Asada, and super hot weather. He moved to St. Antonio, Texas when he was 27 years old, looking for new opportunities and that’s when he started his career in the hospitality industry. With 15 years of experience as a bartender, today he is the Head Bartender at Barrio Cerveceria and an important part of our team.

  • Mexican Cuisine

    The Mexican Peppers

    Peppers are an important and essential part of the Mexican cuisine. It goes beyond the production of Dopamine – which is partially responsible for the joy and happiness embedded in the Mexican people, but it also dates from the pre-Colombian times, when the Aztecs introduced peppers to their community, and discovered that the peppers could have multiple usage, from “spicing up” weapons, using peppers for punishment, exploiting its medicinal properties and jazzing up their diets.